The different shaker models

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The different shaker models

The cocktail is a very practical and tempting way to consume your drinks with or without alcohol. It is actually a mix of several flavors. The shaker is the accessory that allows you to prepare a cocktail and mix the different flavors effectively. This mixture is obtained thanks to a very energetic agitation of the shaker causing a fusion of each molecule and giving birth to a single drink unique of its kind. The secret of an excellent flavor lies in the dosage of each ingredient.

As noted above, the method for obtaining a single beverage from different ingredients is to shake the shaker vigorously called "Cocktail Shaken", the most publicized method. This method is suitable for ingredients that mix with difficulty.

Another method exists and is less known to the general public. Only professional bartenders, from a real training, know this method: the Cocktail stirred. The ingredients are mixed with a spoon. This method is used when the cocktail ingredients are all alcoholic. Since they all have a fairly close density, they are easily miscible with each other. It is a method that is also used when you want to mix in a delicate way, not to "break" the aromas of some rich and complex spirits.


A little history

The origin of the shaker can go back to around several centuries BC in pre-Hispanic Mexico and South America, where the gourd was used as a closed container. The Egyptians also added spices to their beverages in these so-called gourds, so we can determine here one of the first origins of the container.

Long after, in the middle of the 19th century, the cocktail shaker, as we know it now, was widely used. It was invented by an innkeeper who, while using two containers for pouring drinks, noticed that the mouth of one container was smaller than that of the other. He decided to assemble them and shake them "for the show". The rapid advancement of design occurred in the late nineteenth century with several innovations such as integrated filtering systems.

During the 1920s in the United States, cocktail shakers were produced in many different shapes and designs, including shakers that looked like penguins, lighthouses or planes. All this has become popular with the evolution of lifestyles, the evolution of music and the increase in the number of bars. The shakers were really popular when they appeared in the movies, and were associated with the glamorous life of movie stars.

There are different forms of shaker. A zoom on the shaker models allowed you to have a special and unique cocktail.


The boston shaker: an American invention!

This utensil allows you to make rather unusual cocktails. The boston shaker, invented in the nineteenth century, is a two piece shaker model and exists in different capacities. The most widespread are 600 and 800 ml. It consists of a high timbale stainless steel or other metal and a large glass. The timbale is cone-shaped, with a diameter greater than that of glass. The glass is embedded in the cup when mixing the drinks. The effect of ice cold allows the metal to shrink during agitation to seal the joint between the cup and the glass.

The glass itself is strong enough. It is made to withstand shocks and thermal pressure. This shaker is not equipped with a filter and therefore it is necessary to provide a colander with pulp or ice cube. The Boston shaker and strainer set requires a little time to adapt before using it with a certain ease.

The use of this model is more common with professionals because of its ability to achieve a high number of cocktails in one evening compared to the Cobbler shaker.


Boston Shaker Glass Boston Shaker


The Cobbler shaker: a real revolution!

This shaker model is very popular and easy to use. It is also a work of spirit of the nineteenth century. Unlike the previous model, this shaker is made of three-piece whence its name three-piece cocktail shaker. The timbale of this shaker is deeper but less high. This is actually the lower part of the shaker. The cap is the upper part used to seal the entire shaker during mixing.

And finally, the last piece concerns the filter. The latter aims to separate the liquid large volumes such as ice cubes, fruit pieces or others. The most common contents vary between 350 ml and 1000 ml, however those of 500 and 750 ml are recommended. To use this shaker, simply introduce into the timbale drinks to mix, put the filter and cover all by the cap. You can now shake your bar accessory and get the cocktail you want. This shaker is recommended for those who want to drink punctually. It is also appreciated by beginners because of its much more simplified handling compared to the shakers used by professionals. So you can make your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks more easily and alluring with this utensil.

Very few professionals use this tool yet easy to use. It has in fact a significant constraint. The more intense the handling of the Cobbler shaker, resulting from a large number of cocktails per evening, the more difficult it is to disengage the filter and the stopper. Indeed the presence of cold due to ice cubes generate a contraction of the timbale to its higher level. To avoid this embarrassment, the Boston shaker is privileged.


Shaker Cobbler


The Continental Shaker : The french style

This shaker model is a French production of the twentieth century. This French style shaker is an in-between, a model straddling the Boston shaker and the Cobbler shaker. It consists mainly of two pieces, including a timbale stainless steel or other metal and a capacity of about 600 ml or 800 ml in general. The operating mode is similar to that of the Boston shaker, the only difference is that the Continental shaker does not have glass, but rather a lid. This is much more used in hotel bars because of its elegant and refined design.


Continental Shaker


Shakers : Particular design

Many variations exist based on the concept of 2 pieces or 3 pieces, adopting various forms to give a particular style to each. Here are some examples in image.


Variations of the 2 pieces

Parisian Shaker

Parisian Shaker 

Calabrese Shaker

Calabrese Shaker

Plum Shaker

Tom Dixon Plum Shaker


Variations of the 3 pieces

 Baron Shaker

Baron Shaker

Penguin Shaker

Penguin Shaker

Twist Shaker

Twist Shaker


From these different models, you can now buy the cocktail shaker that will meet your needs. The first criterion recommended is initially to know if this need is to achieve a high number of cocktails or not. However, other criteria obviously come into play such as design, ease of use, see others. Choosing a good shaker is a must to make authentic cocktails, succulent and like a real pro.

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