Bora Bora

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Bora Bora

The small island of Bora Bora of the Society archipelago in French Polynesia has given its name to this alcohol-free cocktail recipe with exotic and slightly acid flavors with the presence of passion fruit juice.



  • 10 cl of Pineapple juice
  • 6 cl of Passion fruit juice
  • 1 cl of Grenadine syrup
  • 1 cl of Lime juice



Pour in a shaker half filled with ice cubes, the various exotic juices, lemon juice and grenadine syrup. Strike energetically for a few seconds and go through a long drink glass.

Decorate at your convenience and serve with a straw.

To prepare a Bora Bora for 10, 20, 30 or 40 people, simply multiply the quantities indicated in the original recipe by the number of glasses desired.


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