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Margarita is a Mexican cocktail made from tequila, an alcoholic drink made in Mexico from blue agave. The story goes that the original recipe was invented in 1948 in Acapulco by Margarita Sames who served it to her guests, who baptized the drink with the name of their guest. The Margarita is often served in a glass of the typical shape that bears his name.



  • 3.5 cl of Tequila
  • 2 cl of Cointreau
  • 1.5 cl of Lime juice



Scrub the edges of a Margarita glass with a quarter of lime and dip in fine salt. Pour the white tequila, triple sec and lime juice into a shaker half filled with ice in the proportions indicated (this is the official recipe). Knock for a few seconds then pass through the salt-glazed margarita glass while holding the ice cubes with a colander.
Decorate with a slice of lime.

Use a quality tequila. Among the commercial brands you can trust: Sauza, José Cuervo, Herradura. For triple sec, use Cointreau preferably.

To prepare a Margarita for 10, 20, 30 or 40 people, simply multiply the quantities indicated in the original recipe by the number of glasses desired.


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